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My name is Virginia and I’m a Digital Product Designer. I’m passionate about designing outstanding experiences based on Human-centered design. And, I do this while minimising business-risks and build-costs.


Whether you have a new idea to develop or a digital product you want to improve, I can help you :)



The goal is to obtain a shared view of the product, its goals, users and usage. Some activities I conduct are stakeholder workshops, co-creation, competitor analysis, costumer journey mapping, interviews, personas, branding personality.

Cases studies related: BoB



Whether you have an ongoing development or just a concept, there are many activities to support you. Empathise with your clients and validate your solution through user testing, heuristic analysis, card shorting, surveys and so on.

Cases studies related: vzaar app, Hundredrooms



I define the information architecture, sketches and interactive prototypes (low to high fidelity). Iterating in the design to make sure the solution is aligned with the product needs, development requirements and user expectations.

Cases studies related: Greenpeace, vzaar mk site


13+ years of experience as a digital designer, nearly 7 years focused on UX.

Virginia brought enthusiasm, great creativity and a detailed understanding of the user to every project we worked on.
— Terry Anderson. Head of Product at vzaar
Virginia is the most patient and methodical UX person I have worked with. She ensures the right questions are asked to find the pain points and blockers in your online experience.
— Matt Blunsten, Head of UX at Samsung Europe

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