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— Hello! I’m Virginia,
Digital Product Designer.


Does your company create a positive impact?

We can co-create a sustainable digital product that your clients love. Combining strategy, user experience and agile methodologies, I help business to grow their product minimising time and cost.


Ways I can help



The goal is to obtain a shared view of the product, its goals, users and usage. Some activities I conduct are stakeholder workshops, co-creation, competitor analysis, costumer journey mapping, interviews, personas, branding personality.

Cases studies related: BoB



Whether you have an ongoing development or just a concept, there are many activities to support you. Empathise with your clients and validate your solution through user testing, heuristic analysis, card shorting, surveys and so on.

Cases studies related: vzaar app, Hundredrooms



I define the information architecture, sketches and interactive prototypes (low to high fidelity). Iterating in the design to make sure the solution is aligned with the product needs, development requirements and user expectations.

Cases studies related: Greenpeace, vzaar mk site


Working remotely,
based in Palma de Mallorca.


Over the last few years I’ve managed projects for both lean startups and mature products. Working with agencies and brands such as Greenpeace, Samsung and Crowd4ems (an European Project for natural disaster risk reduction). I’ve also helped startups to bring their concepts to life.
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Virginia brought enthusiasm, great creativity and a detailed understanding of the user to every project we worked on.
— Terry Anderson. Head of Product at vzaar
I highlight Virginia’s ability to ask the right questions to address the specific problems of the clients.
— Daniel Lombraña. Founder & CEO at Scifabric.

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